May 26, 2015

10 Best Comebacks We Thank Pop Culture For

Comebacks Preen It’s hard to stay nice. Especially when others aren’t trying to be. So how do you react when an insult finally lands? When in a bitch’s block, take cues from these pop culture icons that are apparently schooled in comeback education.

We compile the 10 best lines for every possible diss that might come your way. Remember: a comeback made is a battle won—plus points for not being crass.

#1 Got called out for being a bitch? Kimmy Schmidt knows what it really means.

Photo courtesy of gifthetv

#2 Like you, Mindy Kaling doesn’t tolerate douches when she finds them.

Photo courtesy of greysanatomyfan007

#3 In case of misogyny, Amy Schumer readies her feminist realness.

Photo courtesy of comedycentral

#4 You just don’t call J.K Rowling a c*nt.

J.K. Rowling Preen

Photo courtesy of Twitter

#5 When someone points out you’re not cool enough, hit back with Annie Walker’s wit.

Photo courtesy of giphy

#6 Save yourself the trouble of people thinking you fat à la Fat Amy.

Photo courtesy of elizabethgillies

#7 Millenial hero Daria has had enough of those comments on her appearance—and so do you.

Photo courtesy of absurdnoise

#8 These are for times you just can’t handle dumb level 9999.

Photo courtesy of giphy

#9 They said you didn’t know what you’re doing—and that came from people who didn’t know what you’re doing.

Photo courtesy of cliffpantones

#10 Who cares if you’re a slut? Apparently Celine Magsaysay doesn’t.

Anne Curtis Maging sino ka man preen

Photo courtesy of mockeryofme


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