Ultra Violet is the Pop of Color Your Living Space Needs

For the past two years, light, subtle colors like Serenity, Rose Quartz, and Greenery have been lording it over the Pantone universe, letting the rest of the world follow suit with just about anything they can get and make in those hues.

We don’t always love what Pantone gives us, but when it officially announced that Ultra Violet would be 2018’s color of the year, I think people were just surprised to see such a bold, moody color for a change—one that reminds us of so many pop culture references, at that. Think Grimace from the McDonald’s gang or everyone’s favorite eggplant emoji. You get the picture.

And while Pantone says the blue-based purple evokes creative inspiration and artistic brilliance, we understand that it isn’t the easiest color to incorporate in every home.

Our advice? Take it slowly and welcome Ultra Violet into your living space with functional statement pieces you can easily store for another time, in case the ube shade just doesn’t go well with your current motif.

But also, don’t be afraid to take risks when it comes to decorating. Mix and match colors; combine textures. And while you’re at it, take a look at some of our suggestions and know how you can add a splash of Ultra Violet in every room.

After all, Pantone assures that “intuitive Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.” Sounds exciting, right?

Vineyard Yankee Candle

When you light up Vineyard, a Yankee signature scent and bestseller, it fills the room with “the sweet aroma of plump cabernet, merlot, and zinfandel.” Imagine that fragrance wafting around while slapping on your fave mud mask. Toss in a glass (or two) of actual merlot, some popcorn and Netflix, and you’re in for a really good time. Available at Venice Grand Canal Mall

KitchenAid Artisan Black Violet Stand Mixer

According to Pantone, Ulta Violet amps up “artistic expression.” Maybe this sleek KitchenAid mixer in a deep eggplant shade will help you bake your best rainbow cake yet. It won’t look too shabby displayed on your kitchen countertop, either. Available at SM Makati

Habitat Selena Blue Cotton and Linen Cushion

Okay, so technically, this pillow isn’t really purple. It’s the kind of washed out indigo that sits on that fine line between lavender and blue. I daresay it’s chalky lilac blue. From afar it could even pass as smokey lilac. The point is, it’ll look homey and cute on any couch. Available at UP Town Center

Purple Kartell Componibili Storage Furniture

These days, modular storage is the smart and stylish way to make the most out of your space. The Kartell Componibili will easily fit in your bedroom or bathroom, or even in your living room. The best part? It comes in purple and will keep your area clutter-free. Available at Kartell Manila, BGC

SB Furniture Teen Dining Chair in Violet

If you’re into mixing and matching quirky chairs, SB Furniture’s Teen Dining Chair in violet is an easy addition to your daily dining experience. It doesn’t take up too much space and it’s eye-catching to boot. Available at Walter Mart Mall

H&M Purple Bath Mat

I don’t know about you, but I love plush bath mats. It’s a major plus if they come in bright, statement colors or patterns. This purple bath mat from H&M kind of reminds me of a huggable Barney stuffed toy and it looks like it’s as soft as one, too. Available at SM Megamall

BoConcept Fusion Daybed in Purple

If you have the space and you’re willing to splurge, I highly recommend getting a daybed and placing it in a well-lit area…preferably right beside a window. It’s a good place to unwind at the end of a particularly hectic day and getting one in purple felt fabric will elevate the look of any room. Available at Mos Design Building, BGC

Lilac Lace Typo Metal Drink Bottle

A fancy metal drink bottle can liven up your kitchen and you can lug it around wherever you go. Typo’s paisley lace print bottle comes in a very pretty lilac hue. If you’re not into the bolder, “bluer” purple, this is a good alternative. Available at Greenbelt 5


Art by Lara Intong

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