December 20, 2017

A New Japanese Cheese Tart Shop Is Opening in Manila and We Tried Them For You

Before the year ends, we’re blessed with yet another Japanese cheese tart place to line up for. BAKE Cheese Tart, a cult favorite in Hokkaido and other countries, is coming to the Philippines.

BAKE is known for their golden-brown tarts made with a blend of four cheeses from Japan and France. Each tart comes in a crisp crust and the center gives you that “well-balanced cream cheese” experience. No wonder it’s dubbed as “The Best Cheese Tart Ever.”

There are also different ways of eating the cheese tarts. The ideal way is to consume them on the day of purchase. But if you want that cold cheesecake effect, put them in the fridge, or turn them into ice cream tarts by putting them in the freezer. If you like them fluffy, warm them up in an oven-toaster for at least three minutes and get that cheese lava center.

Meanwhile, here in the HQ, we all ate them at room temperature. Managing editor Jacque De Borja noted, “The crust was crunchy but would easily crumble. (Part of the beautiful mess, I guess?) I expected the super good cheese center to ooze out, but it didn’t.” She added that she tried BAKE in Hong Kong, and that the taste is “super similar.”

Editorial assistant Tisha Ramirez said the same about the crust and added, “I could really taste the cheese flavor without it being too overpowering.”

“I liked how there’s a slight sour taste to it; it makes the ‘cheesiness’ of the tart more authentic. I liked how it’s not too sweet as well,” said graphic artist Lara Intong. “For the texture, the cheese filling is smooth and creamy, while the crust has a good structure to it.

As for me, I didn’t mind that the crust was a bit crumbly but I do wish I tried it warm to get the lava effect. Plus, the crust-to-cheesecake ratio is just right, so two thumbs up for that.

But do BAKE’s cheese tarts taste similar to the others sold here? We all agreed that it reminded us of a few local brands we tried before.

If you want to try BAKE for yourself, they’re opening their first store at The Podium this Friday, Dec. 22—just in time for the holidays. And starting Jan. 11, 2018, you can also find them at Power Plant Mall. Friendly reminder: Expect long lines!


Photos courtesy of BAKE Cheese Tart

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