December 19, 2017

2017 as Told by the Kensington Royal Christmas Card

Family Christmas cards. They can be a pain as we are sometimes forced to smile like we didn’t have a fight with our siblings five seconds earlier. They can be cheesy. They can also be tedious and over the top. See: Kardashian Khristmas kard. They can also be simple yet symbolic. Exhibit A is the family Christmas card of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are pleased to share a new photograph of their family. The image features on Their Royal Highnesses' Christmas card this year. The photograph shows The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their two children at Kensington Palace. It was taken earlier this year by @chrisjacksongetty Their Royal Highnesses have also announced this morning that Princess Charlotte will attend the Willcocks Nursery School in London from January 2018. The Willcocks Nursery School has said: "We are delighted that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen the Willcocks Nursery School for Princess Charlotte. We look forward to welcoming Charlotte to our nursery in January."

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It’s sweet and formal. Something expected from the royal family but it was also heavily reposted. It makes me wonder could this be, just like our own Christmas cards a reflection of how we stand after everything we had to go through this 2017?

What lies behind

Notice the white wall background. Very Instagram-worthy. All it needs is a dessert or a popsicle held against it. The token of every other feed. It symbolizes how we can turn two mundane elements into something like-worthy. It could also be symbolic of how we all need a clean slate. We need a do-over and a cleanse especially since every movie I used to enjoy has been ruined by a sexual predator or two.

Say cheese!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have very big smiles on. It doesn’t look forced but there is a hint of a “Let’s get this over with before one of the kids cries” vibe. Very much like the way we feel over certain presidencies. Their picture perfect smiles also reminds me of how I perhaps need to give into the teeth whitening craze this year has given us. Shine a light on those chompers because we all could use a little brightness in our lives. Even if it comes with a high shipping cost. It does come with a influencer stamp of approval, anyway. Okay, I think I am getting lost.

Muted blue

I am sure there is a royal family code I am missing out on as to why the family is all in blue for this photo. But it’s also great they didn’t go the millennial pink route. We’re kinda over it because we saw it far too much this year. Maybe millennial blue can be a thing. It looks good here, you see?

Prince George has better things to do

Prince George always has it better than any of us. He can refuse a high-five from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and get a late-night visit from Barack and Michelle Obama. So this standing around for a photo isn’t his thing. Look at how he has one foot up and how he’s holding on to his father’s hand. He’s ready to go. Perhaps to another appointment with a head of state. Or to just a play date with a family friend. Or just simply away from it all. Because who really likes standing for photos? Prince George is all of us.

Princess Charlotte’s hope

There is a smugness to Princess Charlotte’s expression in this photo. It’s surely better than the one I had when it was announced that I was going to school. (“Announced” here pertaining to how my parents agreed over what school I will got to silently over dinner, not in the same way that Princess Charlotte’s school is an international news piece.) She’s also got her hands on her legs like she’s ready for something or she’s just about to run forth into the world equipped with her barrette and Mary-Janes. Go, Charlotte! We believe in you and we wish to be as cute as you as we conquer the world.


Art by Lara Intong 

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