December 15, 2017

What Jericho Rosales Really Thinks About that Viral Post with Heart Evengelista

Jericho Rosales addressed that viral photo of him and Heart Evangelista while having a conversation during a private event for a luxury luggage brand. Social media went abuzz recently as fans of the Heart and Echo ship looked back on what could have been.

Jericho insists that what we saw doesn’t reveal the whole story as the two have made their peace after their 2008 split. “It’s not the first time that we’ve seen each other. It’s not like I’m going to dodge any question about that, ” Jericho tells Bandera. “I can see her, say hello. It’s done. Past is past. We’ve moved on. We are mature people. It’s a different life. It’s a different world.”

Very different indeed as Jericho claims that wife Kim Jones is unbothered by the whole thing. She’s even chummy with his ex-girlfriend. “My wife is so amazing because she is really cool. They were actually chatting, silang dalawa (the both of them).” Heart is really cool also. I feel so happy. It wasn’t an awkward evening or anything. It’s how mature people handle things.”

There you have it; a lesson on how to keep it classy and that you and your wife can totally be in good terms with your ex. Someone needs to write out this rom-com, quick!

Heart  married husband Sen. Chiz Escudero in 2015 in Balesin. While Jercho tied the knot with Kim Jones in 2014 in Boracay. The two continue to have flourishing careers. Heart can be seen on primetime through My Korean Jagiya while Jericho is busy promoting his new film with Erich Gonzales, Siargao.



Photo courtesy of Jericho Rosales’ Instagram account

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