December 14, 2017

Was ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Produced By a Sexual Predator?

Ever since Harvey Weinstein and other A-list stars were exposed as sexual predators, we started to worry about our favorite films and shows being ruined. Not going to lie, we literally looked up every film in the Weinstein Company website. Luckily, there’s now a website that makes it easier for us to weed them out.

Rotten Apples is a website designed to help viewers know which shows and films are made or starred by sexual predators. For example, if you type “House of Cards,” you’ll get a “rotten apples” label and will indicate Kevin Spacey as the culprit.

It’s the same when you type “The Godfather,” which tags Marlon Brando because of the “butter rape” scene. (I’m still heartbroken by this.)

The site will also let you know if the film was produced by the Weinsteins. Disclaimer: Most of your beloved films may be part of this.

But if a movie doesn’t have a sexual predator affiliated with it, you’ll get the “fresh apples” label. They’ll also let you correct the error by letting you send the name of the perpetrator and an article link to verify the information.

The creators of the site told The New York Times that they didn’t start Rotten Apples to encourage people to boycott films. “The team instead wants the tool to help people make ‘ethical media consumption decisions.'”

BRB, we’re going to look up A LOT of things on this site.

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Screengrab from The Lord of the Rings

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