Rihanna Just Dropped New Additions to Fenty Beauty

There’s something about Rihanna and her makeup line Fenty Beauty that always get us excited—is it because she almost always delivers? That it comes in the most fun colors? Or is it simply the fact that it’s by Rihanna? Well, whatever it is, it makes our hearts race.

Rihanna loves to tease by posting on her social media accounts, we’re often left to decipher if her makeup looks are done with her existing collection or for her upcoming line. Her recent posts gave us clues that it’ll be another lipstick line and just last night, she confirmed it. The day after Christmas her latest lipstick line called Mattemoiselle will be available via Sephora and Harvey Nichols. Possibly the perfect way to spend all your Christmas money, at least that’s what I think.

The new line comes with 14 new colors with names like Midnight Wasabi, Clapback, and Candy Venom. The rest? She has yet to reveal. Based on the photos, she’s got it covered from our usual nudes to the unconventional colors like lilac, deep blue, and even a shimmery orange. As the name #Mattemoiselle suggests, these new lip products will come in a matte formula that’s long-wearing, though not in a liquid form so really we’re hoping it glides on smooth and does not tug the lips.

Are you gonna be setting aside holiday money for this drop? And if so, which shade are you eyeing?


Photo courtesy of Rihanna’s Instagram account

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