December 12, 2017

Ruffa Gutierrez’s Daughters Have the Perfect Advice For Beginner Beauty Vloggers

Sarah Lahbati launched her website yesterday, and with it came several blog posts and videos. This included a bonding session with her nieces, Venice Bektas and Lorin Bektas. (AKA, Ruffa Gutierrez’s teenage daughters.)

The video showed the girls doing Sarah’s makeup. Neither of them were experts on it, but they were knowledgeable of the do’s and don’ts. Their bubbly personalities and banter also made the video entertaining—it’s like they’re born to be in front of the camera. (Then again, if you’re born in a showbiz clan, can you expect anything less?)

That said, Venice and Lorin gave funny but useful advice when doing someone else’s makeup. We’d like to think these are the beginners’ guide to becoming a beauty vlogger, or even makeup artist. If you want advice or just a good laugh, go watch the video and take note of the points below.

#1 Be hygienic

Before applying any product, both Venice and Lorin would ask Sarah if they’re using the right brushes to avoid cross-contamination. Lorin also made it a point to pump the primer and foundation on the back of her hand while reminding the viewers that it’s important to be hygienic. This shouldn’t just apply with the people you’re doing makeup on, but also yourself.

#2 Know when to limit your makeup

“This is what I looked like when I used eyeliner for the first time.” ―Venice

“I used to wear a lot of makeup when I was 12. But I stopped because of my skin,” Lorin said. (She’s 14 now, BTW.) This is good advice for anyone who likes doing a full beat on the regular. If you think your skin is breaking out or experiencing any problem, it’s time to back away.

#3 Give your client assurance

“I look like I’m about to fly!” ―Sarah

After doing an imperfect winged liner on Sarah, Lorin said, “It doesn’t look as bad in person, I promise!” Although it wasn’t how Sarah would’ve wanted her liner to look like (“I look like I’m about to fly!”), it was a good attempt for Lorin. Even I couldn’t create a wing like that, TBH.

#4 Make sure everything’s even

Sarah’s base makeup and eyeshadow looked blended and non-cakey. But when it came to the lips, Lorin accidentally made it uneven. Luckily, Venice came to the rescue and fixed it. Yay for teamwork!

#5 Make your client feel beautiful

“You look beautiful, tita Sarah!” Lorin exclaimed. Venice followed it up with, “When did she not look beautiful anyway?” It just shows that regardless if your client is someone you know or not, you have to make them feel (and look) beautiful. Even if their makeup isn’t done by a pro.


Art by Lara Intong

Screengrabs from Sarah Lahbati’s YouTube channel

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