December 07, 2017

Christmas Light Hacks: Create Your Personal Lumi Effect For Your IG Photos

If you’re not done adding decorations to your home yet, we have another suggestion for you: playing with Christmas lights.

We usually place these lights on Christmas trees and outside your home to signal that “Hey, the holidays are near!” (Even when it’s only September.) But if you don’t have a tree in your home/apartment/condo, there are other ways you can utilize them. How? Here are some ideas using lights that don’t play the high-pitched version of “Jingle Bells” all night.


Think of the Stranger Things wall, but minus the ghostly factor. Create your own holiday typographies with Christmas lights. It can be simple, or if you’re feeling creative, you can do calligraphy-style text. You can create a tree or photo gallery as well.


Camie Juan shared on her Instagram Stories that she hung Christmas lights on her full-body mirror. You can do the same with any mirror at home for that instant Lumi effect.

Mason jar

Photo courtesy of Gold Vox

If you’re an avid Pinterest user, you might have seen people create make-shift lamps using mason jars and Christmas lights. So if you want extra lighting in different spots of your home, make a few jar lamps.

Dining table

Spruce up your dinner setting with Christmas lights for a unique look. You can place them as a centerpiece or spread them across the table. Just turn off the lights and let the table lighting add a moody effect.


You can’t turn down a photographic opportunity with Christmas lights. Wrap it around you or your friends, and snap photos for your Instagram. Just remember to be careful, okay?

A fluffy dog

Don’t forget to include your dog in your photos. Fluffy dogs are ideal so their fur will look glorious when it’s against the light. Again, be careful when wrapping the lights around them so you won’t hurt them.


Art by Lara Intong

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