December 08, 2017

Cater to Every Person in Your Life with these Treats

Food is always a personal aspect. We choose based on our mood and taste. These preferences may change but it’s still reliant on our personality. This season, keep these factors in mind when choosing what to serve for your dinner parties. Learn to choose not just what you like to eat, but also something that is for the people coming over.

You can opt to go the Gretchen Barretto route and serve a lavish selection of cakes and other food items. No chance of having a party guest with a sad face with that, right? On the other hand, you can get a little more detailed by specifically thinking about what your guests like. Think about their current achievements or what they love to indulge on during their cheat days. Got it? If you need more help, we have some suggestions down below.

For the Instagram obsessed: Le Matcha Cake by Rebecca Disini

You won’t get to see yourself fully in this mirror cake by chef Rebecca Disini. Still, they are too nice to look at that you’ll surely be taking a lot of photos with it. You’ll almost forget to take a bite. For inquiries and orders, email

For your friend who loves spiked goods: Champagne Gummy Bears by The Sweet Life

This season, you can kick this sweet tooth craving to a fancier level with these champagne infused gummy bears. Eat them on their own or mix them in your bubbly. For inquiries and orders, email

For the one who can’t have carbs: Grazing Board by Antipasti PH 

There are some carbs in this: the crackers. Other than that, it’s a carb-avoider’s dream with fruits, choice meats, and cheese. You would think you won’t get full by constantly picking at this spread. Just you wait until you realize you’re filling up a plate with these goodies for the nth time. For inquiries and orders, contact via Viber (0917) 2437222

For the  family member who loves to be extra: Caviar Pie by M

Is there someone in your family that’s hard to please? Are you out to impress? Serve them some homemade caviar pie. It’s a classic but still exciting favorite. Just make sure to place an order early and that you can wait to indulge in a serving when your guests are around. For inquiries and orders, call (02) 843 4117.

For the person who worked out extra hard this year: Lechon Degustation by Pepita’s Kitchen

What is a Filipino feast without lechon? It’s time to help out the friend who has racked up all the membership perks from their gym and fitness studios. Remind them what they worked hard for. That’s what friends are for anyway. But do make a promise to join them next Flyweight session, okay? For inquiries and orders, call (02) 425 4605


Art by Lara Intong

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