December 07, 2017

Defining a B*tch Badder than Taylor Swift


This week the Intenet turned around a little bit and became a wonderful place. In response to a tweet asking to name a “b*tch badder than Taylor Swift,” the viral thread turned into an endless list of women who give no f*cks, fight the patriarchy, defy the rules, and straight up kill it in their respective fields.

Familiar names like authors Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf popped up along modern day heroes like Malala Yousafzai, Safiyyah Khan, and Rosa Parks. Others were personal stories of their mothers or grandmothers doing incredible feats that fall under “Things Women Do On the Daily Without the Need for Recognition.”

The list which is now strong at over 11,000 replies as of writing is an unexpected history and social lesson we need. It also made me wonder what does it take to be a bad b*tch. Also known as things TayTay needs to accomplish so she can truly own up to her new reputation.

#1 Giving the patriarchy the middle finger simply by living your life 

#2 Doing great things selflessly for the benefit of generations

#3 Not listening to the misogynists because what do they really know?

#4 Living your dream to the tune of “Papa Don’t Preach” 

#5 Proving that women can be both smart and beautiful

#6 Being this First Lady turned  US Senator turned Secretary of State turned first female US presidential candidate

#7  Telling it like it is with no apologies

#8 Recognizing women are all bad b*tches in their own right through their everyday battles

So Taylor,  it’s not that you’re not a bad b*tch or that we’re pitting women against one another. But you could do better than your latest revenge videos and new look. One suggestion? Finally speak up against the white, male privilege and putting aside your apolitical views?


Art by Lara Intong

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