December 04, 2017

Sunburn Remedies You Can Find In Your Kitchen


If you’ve been to the beach lately like Nadine Lustre, you might have gotten sunburn on a few areas of your body. If you’re the type of person who forgets to put on sunblock, (please, never forget this step!) there are a few home remedies that can help relieve pain. If you can’t handle the inflammation, dig through your kitchen cabinets for these food staples that will help soothe the burns.

Black Tea

tea bag

To help relieve heat and repair skin damage, tannic acid and theobromine in black tea can help. If you have burns on your eyelids, soak the tea bags in cool water and place them on your lids. This will help decrease swelling.



If parts of your body are swollen from the burns, try applying milk to your skin. Protein and fat in milk has an anti-inflammatory effect. What you can do is soak a cloth in milk with ice cubes and leave it on the skin for 20 minutes. You can repeat this every two to four hours for better results.



Cornstarch also works for swollen skin. Mix a few tablespoons of this powder with water to make a paste. Apply this on the skin and it will dry out any moisture as well as cool and soothe the skin.



Similar to milk, the proteins and fat found in yogurt can relieve sunburn pain. Apply a generous amount on the burnt areas on your body and then rinse it off with cool water. Remember to pat your skin dry as to not further irritate the skin.



Lettuce also has analgesic properties that can help with sunburns. Here’s how you can prep what you need: Boil the lettuce in water and strain the liquid. Let the water cool for a few hours. Once cooled, dip a cloth into the water and apply it to the burnt skin.


Art by Lara Intong

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