December 04, 2017

Christmas Movie and Food Pairings For Your Next Holiday In


There are 21 days till Christmas and we’re excited for everything happening this month. From gift giving to dinner parties and free days at home, we’re doing everything we can to get in the holiday spirit. On the days you want to spend in bed, we’ve put together a list of Christmas movies to indulge in and snacks you can munch on while you watch. Read through and get ready for your next free day at home.

The Polar Express

What to sip on: Hot chocolate

Despite being trapped in a train car filled with creepy puppets, The Polar Express might be every kid’s dream. The film revolves around kids who are traveling to the North Pole on a train. Just like in the movie, grab a mug of your favorite hot chocolate and get cozy in bed.

The Santa Clause 1, 2, and 3

What to munch on: Milk and cookies

Who else grew up watching The Santa Clause movies during Christmas time? With the first film that premiered in 1994, follow Tim Allen as he takes on the role of Santa Claus. There are scenes that explore the North Pole, toy factory, and time travel. An appropriate snack for this movie would be a tall glass of warm milk and a stack of assorted cookies.

Love Actually

What to sip on: A glass of red wine (or maybe three glasses)

If you’re in the mood for a holiday rom-com film, watch Love Actually. There are nine different plots that eventually merge into one. Follow the stories of married couples, hopeless romantics, and kids in love. What better way to watch a romantic movie than with a few glasses of wine?

Home Alone 1 and 2

What to munch on: Ice cream with loads of toppings

What happens when an eight-year-old is left home alone on Christmas? He checks into hotels, visits toy stores, and protects his house from burglars. While tuning in to this family film, prepare a grand sundae topped with all the sweets you can find just like the one Kevin ordered at The Plaza.


What to munch on: Anything with syrup

When I’m in the mood for a good laugh, I watch any Will Ferrell movie. In light of the holiday season, Elf is a good option. See him play a sheltered elf who embarks the real world in search for his father, As part of the elf food groups, prepare a snack that you can drizzle syrup on like a stack of pancakes.

The Holiday

What to munch on: Chocolate-covered strawberries

If you need some cheering up this season, let The Holiday be your remedy. This movie focuses on two women who switch homes for Christmas after bad breakups. Watch as they find love again while you munch on some chocolate-covered strawberries.


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