December 04, 2017

READ: Facebook Executive Outlines Why We Need More Women in Power

sheryl sandberg

One woman in power, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg explains why this is the best time to change workplace politics. Equality isn’t just giving more opportunities to women, but making sure they are unhindered to reach the top.

In a lengthy Facebook post (naturally), Sheryl talks about how the recent wave of sexual allegations that have hit our headlines is indicative of a bigger problem. It’s not just about how these men are few and far between but how our workplace culture has given them power to get away with it, even be the very reason they move with impunity.

“This is a critical moment for anyone who faces unwanted sexual advances at work. Sexual harassment has been tolerated for far too long in the halls of government and companies large and small,” she writes.

She says we shouldn’t stop at just cheering on women who are facing their abusers or with #MeToo campaigns. “We need systemic, lasting changes that deter bad behavior and protect everyone, from professionals climbing the corporate ladder to workers in low-paid positions who often have little power,” she says.

“We need to end the abuse of power imbalances due to gender—and race and ethnicity, too. We must not lose this opportunity.”

What the world is learning of late is a reality women have been dealing with for centuries. Men in power use their position as a license for their sexual misconduct. It’s not just time to empower women to speak up, but to reverse the culture of abuse. Women in power should be a thing.

Read Sheryl’s full post below:

[The Huffington Post]


Photo courtesy of Wall Street Journal

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