November 30, 2017

All the Emotions We Felt While Watching the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer


The new Avengers: Infinity War trailer dropped last night and it’s safe to say it captivated movie fans and mind you, not just Marvel fans, or else this wouldn’t be the #1 trending video on YouTube. According to interviews and reports, this is by far the second to the last Marvel film centered on the Avengers which means a lot of story arcs and character developments will happen all throughout the movie. Some scenes might even make way for “Avengers 4.”

To us at Preen, it felt like a roller coaster of emotions. Scroll through below if you went through the same thing or even more.

“There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people. To see if we can become something more, so when they needed us, we could fight the battles that they never could.”

When the Avengers gather for the arrival of Thanos aka the most evil man in the Marvel universe.

When Black Panther gave this pep talk…

Only to reveal Steve Rogers aka Captain America in his best look yet. (At least in our opinion!)

All. The. Fight. Scenes.

When Vision lost the Mind Stone to Thanos.

The Avengers fighting the big fight. I mean is there a sufficient GIF for this scene?!

When the Guardians of the Galaxy show up!

Okay, then we realize the actual movie drops in May of 2018.

How did you deal with the new trailer?


GIFs courtesy of Giphy

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