November 19, 2017

The Ornate Accessories Gabbi Garcia and Maxine Medina Wore on the Runway

maxine medina

From the best moments to celebrities spotted, Bench Under The Stars was an over the top show. Not only did they spoil us with our favorite celebrity couples but they also gave us some fashion inspiration.

Aside from the underwear, swimsuits, and casual pieces, they showed some accessories we want to add to our rotation. From colorful parasols to faux fur pieces, see the accessories worn by the Gabbi Garcia and Winwyn Marquez.

Statement Necklace

gabbi garcia

solenn heussaff

Statement necklaces were a trend on the runway last night. Gabbi Garcia and Solenn Heussaff rocked this accessory perfectly. Gabbi’s featured two rows of pearls with a gem pendant. Solenn’s piece was more elaborate. It featured white flower details, pearls, and chains that covered her chest.

Crown Headbands

Ariella Arida

winwyn marquez

Beauty queens Winwyn Marquez and Ariella Arida graced the runway as well. Their looks wouldn’t be complete without crown headbands. Ariella’s headpiece had a beachy feel to it. It had pink details that looked like corals and turquoise stones. Winwyn’s headband has gray, pink red, and blue stones that complemented her blue and white ensemble.

Flower Hair Clips

maxine medina

Ditch your flower crown and go for some oversized flower clips instead. To keep her hair in place, Maxine Medina wore two flower clips. Perfect for a day at the beach or for when you need some color in your life.

Silver Chain Chokers

coleen garcia

According to Coleen Garcia, chokers are still in style. Walking the runway in a yellow two-piece and orange jacket, she accessorized by layering two chain chokers. One was a simple silver chain, while the other had flower embellishments.

Faux Fur Scarf

lovi poe

What better way to stay warm than with a faux fur scarf. This is what Lovi Poe did when she strutted her stuff. Dressed in a yellow and green floral number, a mustard-colored fur scarf was draped on her arms.

Dangling Earrings

kim chiu

We’ve seen celebrities wearing statement earrings, and we’re adding Kim Chiu to the list. The pair she had on was a combination of tassels and colored stones. You can go for a color scheme that matches your outfit, just like Kim.

Colorful Parasol

bea soriano

Bonus item: This isn’t exactly an accessory but we had to add this to the list. The one section of the show that focused a beach theme had models holding colorful parasols with different patterns. Bea Santiago had one as well. It was pink and green and had flowers tied to the handle.


Photos by Dar San Agustin

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