Scarlet Snow Belo Gave Archie Burnand Some Walking Lessons

Expect that this week will be overflowing with details and stories from #TheWanforAnne. After looking through all the photos from the ceremony and the welcome dinner, one of the best moments we found doesn’t include the bride or groom. It stars Scarlet Snow Belo and Archie Burnard.

Scarlet, 2, was having a grand day with the other day babies at Queenstown, when she decided to drop some knowledge. She took Archie Burnand, 10 months old, by the hand so he could ace his walking skills.

Only a few seconds passed before Archie stumbled. Scarlet seemed to have placed her hand on her head in exasperation before running around Baby Archie to show him the possibilities his two feet could do. Eventually, Scarlet joined Archie on the mat for some good ol’ crawling. I guess you can only teach so much given the time.


Photo courtesy of Scarlet Snow Belo’s Instagram account 

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