November 11, 2017

Film & Food: Movies to Watch for Every Craving

Let us torture you a little this long weekend with films that feature lots of food. It’s the ultimate way to binge-watch if you ask me. You can’t watch these movies without eating, hence justifying all the snacks you will be reaching for during your viewing session. Come to think of it, this isn’t torture then. Just a creative way to celebrate a cheat day.

There are many movies that revolve around food along with documentaries that plunge you neck deep into the industry. But we listed down these seven for a diverse selection in terms of stories and cuisines. Choose one that suits your palate or watch all of them to get a complete foodie experience


You’re craving: Some laughter along with a heartwarming story

Just like the titular soup dish, this animated movie is appropriate to warm up your jaded adult heart. The movie follows Remy, a rat whose sensitive nose and shy character unlikely dominated the world of French cuisine. Roger Ebert gives praise to the film, declaring one of the best that came out in 2007.

Julie & Julia 

You’re craving: A women empowerment story within the kitchen

Often, the kitchen is used to subjugate women. But this story shows how the women who have conquered food counters deal with so much more. Backed by Nora Ephron, the movie follows the story of the famous Julia Child played by Meryl Streep (which for me alone is a reason to watch) and Julie Powell, a blogger who documented her adventures in cooking Julia’s recipes until it became the book Julie & Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen.


You’re craving: A modern story with a side of food porn

For something that might hit close to home for those who are never without their social media apps, Chef is something you should watch. Chef Carl Chaveu takes over a food truck in search of foodies and followers after a food review gone wrong. Empire has this to say about the trip, “Eat well beforehand or you’ll be in tummy-rumbling, tongue-hanging-out agony as the merry band cook their way across America.”

Babette’s Feast

You’re craving: A classic French course and a universal lesson

This movie won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and is a staple when it comes to watching your way through French cuisine. The story touches on refugees and being open-minded, done through a stroke of luck and a life-changing feast.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

You’re craving: A master class on Japanese know-how

We all know how the Japanese take their food seriously. The Japanese cuisine is a mind-blowing art and an exacting science at the same time. This documentary will help you just geek out about this as follows Michelin-starred chef Jiro Ono vis-a-vis sushi techniques and traditions.

Eat Drink Man Woman 

You’re craving: A full course of humanity, using food as metaphor

“We communicate by eating,” notes one of the characters of this Ang Lee favorite. As a family struggles to stay together while the patriarch suffers from losing his sense of taste, it seems that the meals they have are the only reason they haven’t imploded just yet. It’s a good reflection on how family feasts mean more than just good food shared with our blood relatives.

No Reservations 

You’re craving: A light snack of romance, without feeling sick to your stomach

Playing on the dream of working in a restaurant in Manhattan, Catherine Zeta-Jones’ character is the type of chef that doesn’t want to act the way women are expected to in the kitchen. On top of this, you get a love story paired with food shots that will definitely make you want more than just popcorn.


You’re craving: Some intense dissection of a chef’s mind…and some Bradley Cooper

This film follows the story of Adam Jones, a Michelin-starred chef who hit a slump. It’s an intense personal look into how this profession can drain and strain you. It also was created with chefs Gordon Ramsey, Mario Batali, and Marcus Wareing. What you’ll learn from this film? To be a cook is human, to be a chef is divine.


Art by Lara Intong 

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