Why Solenn Heussaff Is a Travel and Life Peg

How do you categorize someone as a “life peg”? For some, it can be when they have every color of a hard-to-get bag. There are also those who have many talents and have gone far in life at a certain age—Solenn Heussaff is a perfect example of this.

As you know, Solenn is a multi-faceted celebrity. She’s an actress, recording artist, model, host, vlogger, and painter all rolled into one. Just recently, she even showed everyone that she can do acrobatic stunts. Here we are also wondering how she’s able to do her job and pursue her passions.

In between that, she’s also able to travel to different destinations—whether it’s for work or personal affairs, or to look for inspiration for her art.

Recently, she did the latter when she flew to Biri Island in Northern Samar to find subjects for her exhibit Kalsada. Solenn documented her trip on an episode of Globe’s “Scenezoned” web series. Here, you’ll get to hear her reflections on each location like the Bel-At Rock Formation, and how she interacted with the locals.

Solenn shared in a blog post that she wanted to know what the people are like and be able to convey their stories through her paintings. She wasn’t there just to take a vacation. (Though we also took note of where she went and what she did for our travel needs.)

“I’ve always imagined the stories of the people I see every day. I wonder if they had a good day, what their dreams are, if they’re lonely, if they have anyone they love,” she writes. “I spend a lot of my days on the road, and though I am almost always surrounded by chaos, I’ve come to realize than even in the mess, there can be beauty.”

She also shared that her nephew and co-painter Kaeden gave her paintings more life. “[He] uses so much color, and it kind of makes you understand how children naturally see things through the lens of positivity. And that’s why I did this with him—so our people’s stories can be brought to life in a much brighter light.”

This also shows that Solenn has time for her family despite her busy schedule. Besides, if you don’t see them often, might as well let them help out with your work.

As with any output, pulling it off isn’t always easy, especially when you have many commitments like Solenn. Good thing she has supportive people to motivate her, as well as tools like ThePLAN, to help her multi-task so she could take bigger risks. If not for them, she wouldn’t pursue her love for the arts despite her busy showbiz schedule. (Who doesn’t want that?)

One of Solenn’s sketches while at Biri Island

I guess that’s the true meaning of being a life peg. It’s not the material possessions or the lavish lifestyles. It’s pursuing your passions and not letting anything (or anyone) stop you from doing so. It’s also creating a positive impact with your craft. More importantly, if you want to lead the life you want, you have to take control of it just like Solenn did.

“Scenezoned” has several other episodes featuring personalities like Kaila Estrada, Haley Dasovich, and Solenn’s hubby Nico Bolzico. Each have their own stories to tell and why they’re life pegs for other people. Watch a few and find who fits your personality and the passions you want to pursue.


Art by Lara Intong

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