Don’t Buy Into Kevin Spacey’s Coming Out Announcement

This week’s “Most Disappointing Person Award” goes to Kevin Spacey. He was recently accused of sexually harassing Star Trek: Discovery and Rent actor Anthony Rapp back when both of them still performed on Broadway in 1986—Kevin was 26, while Anthony was 14.

The fact that Kevin forced himself onto a minor was disturbing enough. But his statement and apology was equally gross.

In the statement, Kevin claimed that he didn’t remember what happened during the encounter. Clearly a dismissal. “But if I did behave then as he describes, I owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been inappropriate drunken behavior,” he wrote. A few lines later, he came out as gay.

Kevin’s sexuality has been a topic of several rumors for years, at times considered an open secret. He has deflected the question in interviews, and his PR team also allegedly worked hard to cover it up. However, Kevin coming out after years of denial isn’t the problem here, it’s the timing.

Kevin’s “apology” rings a similar tune to Harvey Weinstein’s “I lived in a different time” excuse. Also when he tried to gain sympathy by saying that he will get help (at a five-star hotel). Meanwhile, Kevin’s timing is reminiscent of Ben Affleck’s sudden apology to Hilarie Burton, which came right after he was found out for groping her left breast.

It’s also important to note that Kevin’s coming-out announcement is clearly meant to derail the conversation that he’s guilty of two things: sexual assault and pedophilia. To quote Esquire, “he uses his sexuality in an attempt to soften the blow of the Rapp’s claims that the older actor sexually assaulted him when he was a teenager.”

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Kevin may be “speaking his truth” by choosing to live the rest of his days as a gay man. But it’s saddening to see him use it in this way. It’s a classic abusive move to silence the victim in any way possible to save themselves.

If Kevin Spacey wants to be a truthful man, he can start by not lying to himself and everyone else about his mistakes


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