October 31, 2017

YouTuber Tips: Videos You Can Make If You’re Starting a Channel


In the last couple of years, YouTubers have been taking over. We see them on social media, beauty campaigns, and of course their own channels. Some celebrities have started their own YouTube channels too just look at our favorite, Kris Aquino. This seems to be the next step for influencers and bloggers because it allows you to be more creative. If you are interested in starting your own channel, there are a variety of videos that you can make. Listed below are some that you can start with along with items to help you achieve it.

What’s In My Bag?

For a what’s in my bag video, YouTubers talk about the current handbag they have been using and the things in it. Here they show makeup products, every day essentials, and sometimes the receipts that pile up at the bottom. For this type of video, you can use this Rode mic that you can mount to your camera. It cancels out any noise coming from the side, focusing on what’s in front.


What to use: Rode Video Mic. Available online.


A vlog it a type of video where you take viewers around with you on a daily basis. It’s a more casual and conversational kind of setup. In these videos you can show them where you like to eat, the shops you visit, and even where you travel. A lot of vloggers use the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II. It has a flip-up screen so you can see yourself when filming.


What to use: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II. Available at SM Megamall

Get Ready With Me

If you like doing your makeup, this video format might be for you. YouTubers who make these videos breakdown their makeup look for that day, showing products and tips. If you want to try this out, use a ring light so that everything looks clear and crisp.

ring light

What to use: Neewer Ring Light Kit. Available online.


In haul videos, you show items you bought from a big shopping trip. This can be under different categories like fashion, beauty, and home. You can also combine them all in one video to give it variety. For this, you can opt to use a GorillaPod. It is a small, portable tripod that has flexible legs. You can set this on your table or wrap it around something sturdy.

gorilla pod

What to use: GorillaPod. Available online.

Lookbook Video

YouTubers who are into fashion usually make lookbook videos. This can be based on a season or an event like Coachella. They put together outfits that they plan to wear so viewers can get inspiration. If you don’t have someone taking videos for you, opt to use a tripod. This way you can show off the ensembles on your own.


What to use: Selens Tripod. Available online.


Art by lara Intong

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