October 25, 2017

What Manila FAME Taught Me About Conscious Shopping

Shopping should be a conscious act. After all, it’s about acquiring items that make our life better from clothes to makeup, and from furniture to jewelry. It’s also a necessity. Just think about how many times you go to the supermarket for food.

We shop so often and in so many ways, it’s no surprise we don’t give a thought to the things we buy. Remember: Whatever we consume and place in our houses creates an impact. There’s a carbon imprint left behind by the materials used and for the people who make it, each purchase affects their livelihood. These are the thoughts that crossed my mind as I spent one weekend afternoon at the recently concluded Manila FAME 2017.

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The event covered the whole expanse of the World Trade Center so it was quite an exercise. The main area consisted of furniture and home accents from different designers like Vito Selma and Ann Pamintuan. There were also old-school favorite like Narda’s, who even had a weaving station so you can watch how their comfy blankets are made.

In the tent, there was Manila Wear which featured fashion creations by Micki Olaguer, Beatriz, Maco Custodio, Joanique, and Wolfe + Hunter. A lot of the designers of these labels were present so if you wanted to understand more about the pieces, you could ask them. You could also throw around ideas if you wanted something in particular.

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The last tent showcased The Artisans Village. Here, you will get handwoven bags, lamp accents, mats, and other accessories for various regions of the Philippines. This was also were the small and micro food and beauty enterprises were such as Lunas Living Oils, Giga Naturals, and The SuperFood Grocer.

All of these items had one thing in particular: That handmade, personal quality. These items were created with care. They weren’t something you’d throwaway after you’d use it. When it came to the food products, they were delicacies that showcased more than the usual but also were familiar favorites that carried the tradition of our country. All of these labels spoke of a lifestyle which didn’t conform to the usual consumerist mentality of getting as much as you can only to use it momentarily. It was also all about valuing how long they took to make, the creativity that went into it, and how they can mean more in your life than just a nice possession.

No wonder the event is much more than a shopping experience. It’s also about forming a lifestyle that’s not excessive but also means giving back to your community.


Photo courtesy of Manila FAME’s Instagram account

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