October 13, 2017

Harvey Weinstein Flew to Arizona to Get Treatment


In just a few days, Harvey Weinstein turned from being Hollywood’s most powerful man to being the most hated—old cases filed against him are now being opened up revealing almost three decades of sexual abuse, celebrities started talking against him, he got fired from his own company, and his wife Georgina Chapman left him to save Marchesa, among other things. He’s in deep sh*t.

The Hollywood producer flew to Arizona in a a private jet and checked into a luxury resort (which BTW, comes with a spa and a golf course). Initially, Harvey was supposed to go to a “residential” treatment facility to deal with sex addiction, but later on decided to stay in a five-star resort because he wants to be able to access his phone. The source added that his team set up a secure place for him where he can get the help he needs.

Prior to his flight to Arizona, TMZ caught up with him outside his daughter’s home in LA, and when asked how he’s doing, he replied with, “I gotta get help, guys. We all make mistakes. Second chances, I hope.”

What about, “no”?

[The Cut]


Photo courtesy of Business Insider

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