October 12, 2017

Billboard Guy Wants Women to Buy His Jacket and Go to Maldives With Him For P48K

Remember Xian Gaza, the guy who asked Erich Gonzales out for coffee via desperate posts and a billboard? He’s back on our feeds and he’s selling a jacket, including an iPhone 7 and a trip to Maldives with him. But for some reason, he just can’t stop himself from sounding creepy.

In a Facebook post, Xian listed the items mentioned above for a total of P48,888. The buyer has to be an 18 to 29-year-old “female since birth.” The woman should be single, “never married,” and should present a “notarized permit” from their boyfriend (if they have one).

His conditions don’t stop there as he wants the women to have a name with “no touch of ‘ella,’ ‘ela,’ ‘erich,’ ‘rich,’ ‘erika,’ nor ‘maica.’” (A sly dig at Ella Cruz and Erich, maybe?)

First of all, whaaaat? Secondly, is he selling products or still looking for love for the price of almost P50,000? I can’t even tell.

At the same time, Xian might not be serious about this and is just looking for reactions. But it still doesn’t discredit the fact that it sounds like a post used to prey on women. There are also people who are tagging their friends to the post. (Please no.)

What do you think? Should Xian Gaza be given a free pass for this or should he just log off from social media?


Photo courtesy of Xian Gaza’s Instagram account

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