October 05, 2017

Should Sen. Sonny Angara Take a Break From Twitter?

sonny angara

Should political figures take a break from social media? Last week we mentioned how Manny Pacquiao should top Instagram lurking. Another senator might need to detox after a joke posted on Twitter. Sen. Sonny Angara posted a video from the Mocha Uson trial with the caption, “Mocha vs Chocolate na ba Sen Nancy Binay #itson.”

An hour after the post and a few replies later Sen. Sonny tweeted once again saying how he and Nancy Binay are friends and they joke around.

Netizens, however, still weren’t pleased with the tweet mentioning how the senators should take things more seriously.

Some also expressed that just because it was a joke, it doesn’t make it right.

Overall, people are just upset at how the government treats serious situations.

What do you think? Was the tweet unprofessional and unnecessary? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Photo courtesy of Sonny Angara’s Instagram account

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