September 26, 2017

Online Dating Apps: Where You Look For Baby Mamas and Ask For Skincare Tips

Online dating apps have two purposes: to meet potential dates and to read funny (sometimes unusual) messages from users.

I always had this impression that viral Tinder screenshots were only created for meme-worthy purposes. “No way is that conversation for real. That’s too weird” is what I would think while reading them. But thanks to friends and acquaintances who shared their experiences for proving me otherwise.

Whether you need a witty conversation starter or just need something to fend off creeps, here’s a collection of responses that you can use. Or just read them for the laughs.

When someone gets straight to the point way too fast

Screengrab from Sam, 19

We heard of Tinder as a hookup platform. But we weren’t aware it’s also a baby-making app.

Dogs make everything better

Screengrab from Joyce, 20

If a simple “Hello” doesn’t suffice, make the conversation better with dog GIFs.

Unconventional compliments

Screengrab from Agnes, 21

Are you looking for a date or a bodyguard? I mean, both sound nice to have either way.

Impress them with scientific curiosity

Screengrab from Janelle, 22

I wonder how the other person took this conversation further.

Homophobic comments? Not here for it

Screengrab from Erra, 23

Unmatch these kinds of people and block them everywhere. Now.

Long-distance matches

Being thousands of miles apart can either mean you use the distance for a bad pick-up sext.

Screengrab from Anne*, 24

Or you drop a truth bomb about the chances of not seeing the person.

Screengrab from Janelle, 22

Makeup and skincare tips

Screengrab from Shane, 18

Don’t just admire your match. Ask them their skincare and makeup secrets too.

Business opportunities

Screengrab from Maria, 25

Just when you thought you’ve gotten away from networking offers.

*Name has been redacted to protect the person’s anonymity


Art by Lara Intong

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