September 25, 2017

Here’s Where You Can Get the Balut Gelato Everyone is Talking About


The newest addition to our weird food trends list is balut flavored gelato. Yes, you read that correctly. A photo of the gelato posted on Facebook has gone viral with over 1,000 shares and 4,300 comments.

Where can you get this and other unusual gelato flavors? La Vie Parisienne in Cebu. It is a French pastry shop and wine library that recently launched their new gelato flavors.

According to a vlog by Martin Tabanag, La Vie Parisienne has other flavors like avocado, mango cheesecake, durian, and coconut. In the video, people trying the gelato had mixed reviews. Some liked it because they like the taste of balut while others found it strange.

Will you be planning a trip to Cebu to try out these gelato flavors?


Photo courtesy of Unsplash

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