Preen Food Series: Cold Pressed Juice Deliveries

preen juice jab

Getting us through this week’s hump day is Juice Jab. What makes their juicing company unique is that instead of offering a single program for juicing, they have two: Jab and Jolt. Also, they’re the only local juicing company that offers solid food to go with your cleanse, depending on your level of intensity. In addition to that, they’ve adopted a grind and press method made possible by using a triturator-hydraulic press juicer, which purportedly produces juice so healthy, it’s popular among cancer patients undergoing Gerson Therapy.

The grind and press method also means that they completely extract all the natural vitamins, trace minerals, and enzymes found in fruits and vegetables, while minimizing oxidation and decomposition, so juice can stay fresher for longer. Also, because it yields more juice, it lowers their production costs, which is why at P160 per 250 ml bottle, Juice Jab is significantly more affordable in comparison to their competitors.

Program: As mentioned earlier, Juice Jab offers two programs. The first is the Jab, which gently allows you to ease into a three-day juice cleanse. The Mild Jab is meant to replace breakfast. For lunch and dinner, you can avail of their special Jab Meals to ensure that with your Juice Jabs, you consume a total of 900 calories a day. The Moderate Jab replaces breakfast and lunch, while the Strong Jab replaces your meals for the day entirely.

The second program is the Jolt, which is a two-day enhancement program that encourages you to take juice as supplements to your meals instead of replacements. Jolts can also be taken in preparation for a juice cleanse, and as aids to ease your way back into solid foods. Each Jolt contains an optimum combination of fruits and vegetables with results depending on your needs. They have Jolts for improvement, such as Energy, Immunity, and Skin, and Jolts like Heart and Low Sodium for treating certain conditions.

Rates: A single Jab is sold at P160 each for 250 ml, and P260 each for 500 ml. First orders for Mild Jabs are P1,700, Moderate Jabs are P3,200, and Strong Jabs are P4,700. Jab Meals are P2,600 for Mild and P3,650 for Moderate. First-time orders for a two-day Jolt is P1,100, and P2,450 for five days. Jolt Meals are P2,000 for two days, and P4,700 for five days.

All first-time orders included an insulated bag. All succeeding orders are P200 off. Insulated bags can be purchased separately for P200.

Purchasing four or more Jabs or Jolts in a single order entitles you to five-percent discount. Also, for every bottle returned, you will receive a P10 voucher.

Delivery: Juice Jab delivers to Makati, Mandaluyong, Muntinlupa, San Juan, Bonifacio Global City, Pasig, Parañaque, and Quezon. Delivery is free to these areas with a minimum purchase of one Jab, Jolt, Jab Meal, Jolt Meal or six single Jabs.

For orders outside of their delivery coverage, additional charges range from P150 to P500.

If you prefer to pick your juice, they have pick-up points in Antipolo, Cainta, Makati, Mandaluyong, Marikina, Parañaque, and Quezon.

Juice Jab. (0917) 8387355.

 Photo by Patrick Segovia
Collage by Dorothy Guya