September 15, 2017

Ever Wonder Why Couple Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo Have No Projects Together?


Even if Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli have been together for a while now, they never really post their private lives on social media—no cheesy photos or long dedications posted online (which is not wrong too, BTW). Maybe a photo once in a while, but never in abundance or in detail.

During a press conference for Matteo’s upcoming concert HEY Matteo, he talked about how he and Sarah protect their relationship and privacy. “I just wanna clarify, we’re never a love team. We don’t work together,” he said. The reason behind him saying this is that he doesn’t want people to say that they’re using each other based on what they do—they like and continue to do their projects separately. If you’re expecting Sarah to participate in his concert, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not gonna happen.

Best weekend. 👌

A post shared by Matteo Guidicelli (@mateoguidicelli) on Aug 6, 2017 at 4:25pm PDT

He also shared that they always get offers as a couple or to be a love team, but they always turn it down. “We know the true meaning of our relationship,” he explains. “It’s not showbiz, it’s real. We wanna protect that, and we wanna really save that.”

“Yeah, I’m trying to do my own thing,” he adds. “She’s into singing, people will always compare, but I’m trying to do my own thing. And I don’t consider it as a struggle. It’s a challenge. The challenge is be myself, try to be myself, and do what I wanna do.”

We can learn a thing or two from their relationship, one of which is to keep time for yourself and do the things you enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with that!



Photo courtesy of Matteo Guidicelli’s Instagram account

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