September 17, 2017

How Meditation Apps Can Help You De-Stress


Taking care of yourself is very important, eating healthy and following a strict skin regimen are steps you can take to do that. However, we sometimes forget about our mental health. We’re constantly bombarded with information either at work or even at home that we forget to take a break. Being able to relax, breathe, and just empty the mind for a few minutes will help your overall wellness. Meditation can also help in highly stressful situations wherein you’re having a meltdown. Not only will you feel more relaxed but it also has other benefits like helping you sleep better. For people who are on the go or for emergency situations, here are some meditation apps that you can download to help get you started.


Start off with the basics pack which teach you the essentials of living a healthy life. The guided meditations help you focus on your breathing as you try to relax. Beyond that they also offer other packs that can help you with relationships as well as SOS sessions for when you’re having a meltdown.


Download: Available on iTunes App Store and Google Play.



If you’re looking to reduce stress and anxiety, try Aura’s three-minute meditations. Choose how you’re feeling that day and the app will choose the best meditation for you. You can then rate your experience so that the app can provide you with better sessions as you keep using them. It also allows you to track your mood pattern so you can see how you’ve been doing weekly and monthly.

Download: Available on iTunes App Store and Google Play.



Having trouble sleeping at night? Calm might be able to help you. You can choose guided meditations that are three to 25 minutes long. It has breathing programs and sleep stories to help you de-stress and sleep better.

Download: Available on iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Smiling Mind

smiling mind

Apart from playing games, stimulate your child’s mind via teaching them meditation early through Smiling Mind. First, you check in and input your mood. After that you can choose from a variety of programs ranging from seven years old to adults. There are also ones for mindfulness in the workplace.

Download: Available on iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Aside from guided meditations, this app also recommends yoga and acupressure videos depending on your mood. Start and end your day with meditation that is customizable and will really help you become more mindful.

Download: Available on iTunes App Store and Google Play.


Art by Lara Intong

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