September 13, 2017

Saab Magalona Isn’t Backing Down from Calling Out the Administration

Saab Magalona is fearless when it comes to calling out the administration’s war on drugs. It started with photos of headlines disproving the claim of  PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa that the Pres. Duterte never encouraged anyone to kill.

One netizen answered back and said that the remarks of the president were meant as a joke. But given the thousands of extrajudicial killings, no one is laughing, Saab very much included.

She continued to answer back to the netizen with screenshots of his answers. “Lahat na lang joke,” she tweeted to remark how it seems that the issue of deaths and unconstitutional ways are not taken seriously.

Duterte supporters hit back but Saab is relentless in tweeting back as well.

She also shared what seems to be a private message sent to her saying how she should give “‘balance’ [sic] feedback.”

But Saab isn’t disheartened. She’s not scared and the comments that she’s been getting prove her point exactly. A lot of the comments have been threats or responses attacking her character and even her father, the late Francis Magalona, instead of talking about the issue directly.

She concludes with how this won’t be the last we will be hearing from her.

You go, Saab! We support how you are using your voice for the good.


Photo courtesy of Saab Magalona’s Instagram account

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