September 13, 2017

10 of the Most Important Things to Know About the iPhone X

The big day finally arrived. Apple unveiled the newest models of the iPhone. The iPhone X along with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were introduced to the public in the new Steve Jobs Theater. There are a few things that the reveal confirmed what we learned from the various leaks. But there were still a few surprises so here’s what you need to know.

#1 It’s called “ten”

The latest model isn’t the anti-climactic 9. ( I wonder if there will be one next year, but that seems silly.) iPhone X is “iPhone ten” to make the 10-year-anniversary of the smartphone.

#2 It ditched the home button

True to what the leaks speculated, the new phone now has an on-screen home button, doing away with the circular bottom one found in all iPhones since their inception. What this allows is a huge 5.8 inch OLED Super Retina display. To wake your phone, all you have to do is lift it. The control center will now be accessible by swiping down from the top right corner of the phone.

#3 Forget Touch ID, there’s now Face ID

Welcome to the future. To unlock your phone, all you have to do is look at it. The Super Retina display contains the True Depth camera which backs up Face ID. This is how you will aunthenticate online payments and authorized saved passwords. So next time you have that big online shopping splurge, you literally have to face the damage you did. The Face ID is said to still work despite hats, sunglasses, and makeup.

#4 Longer battery time

Compared to the 7, the iPhone X will have two hours more battery time. This is thanks to Apple’s latest processor called the A11 Bionic. This allows for 30 percent faster graphics when put up against the 7 with its A10 processor.

#5 Wireless charging

iPhone users know the pain of losing or breaking the charging wire. That will no longer be a reality for a X user. The X will get its juice via a plate at the back of the phone that receives inductive currents from a charging pad called AirPower.

#6 Yes, the camera is better

The dual-camera system of the iPhone was retained for this latest model but it’s not vertically positioned at the back of your phone. The quality of photos shall now be crisper and better with 12 MP sensors and image stabilizers.

The front-facing camera will also allow for better selfies with the ability to blur the background, allowing for a depth of field feature found in DSLR camera.

#7 More expressive emojis

Animoji is the phone’s 3D emojis that can reflect the miniscule details of an expression. Thus,  your fox, cat, and dog emojis can express an emotion, tailored to your own facial expression. But you can only send and see it via iMessage.

#8 What’s it made of?

The X is made of steel and glass. We don’t know yet how sturdy it will be and it is so far only going to be in two colors: space grey and silver. The headphone jack, which was eradicated with the 7, remains nowhere to be found.


#9 Don’t forget about the price tag

The million dollar question: How much is it? The X only has two versions in terms of capacity. The tag is at $999 for a 64GB. The 256GB one is at $1,149.

#10 When can I get it?

You can pre-order on Oct. 27 over the website and shipping starts on Nov. 3. Consider it your early Christmas gift to yourself…for at least three Christmases over?

[Business Insider and The Verge]


Photos courtesy of Business Insider and Apple

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