Gigi Hadid Is Not Welcome in China According to Angry Netizens

Shortly after being confirmed to be part of this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai, Gigi Hadid is faced anew with criticism over a potentially racist video she posted early this year. Netizens have stated that Gigi is not welcome in China for mocking Chinese culture.

In the video, Gigi picks up a cookie with an Asian man’s face and proceeds to imitate the expression on the cookie.

Zayn Malik, Gigi’s boyfriend, tried to defend her from the earl backlash but to no avail. Netizens have been tweeting the model as her gig with Victoria’s Secret draws near.

On the Instagram post that Gigi Hadid put up to announce her participation in the fashion show, other netizens have been commenting the infamous snake emoji. Gigi then proceeded to disable the comments section for said post. That didn’t stop those who are offended by Gigi’s actions as they comment the chicken emoji on her other posts. According to Buzzfeed, the chicken has the same connotation as a snake in Chinese culture.



Photo courtesy of Gigi Hadid’s Instagram account

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