September 01, 2017

Easy Nail Art Designs You Can Try at Home

nail art

When I have some time for myself, I like to go through a little pamper session at home. This ranges from a rigorous skincare routine to doing my nails. I’ll cut, file, buff, and paint them. I take my time, making sure that my manicure is close to perfect. I usually go for a solid color but recently I’ve been wanting to incorporate some nail art into my routine. I don’t exactly have steady hands so something simple and easy would work best for someone like me. There are a lot of tutorials online that use items you probably have at home. If you are looking to try some nail art too, I’ve listed some below that you can test this weekend.

Bobby Pins

nail art

Adding polka dots to any base color is a simple yet cute way to add design to your nails. After you’ve selected a background color, let it dry before you add the dots. Dip the end of a bobby pin in a polish color of your choice and start adding polka dots. You can create varying sizes and space them out however you want.


nail art

Have you ever seen those marble-looking nails on Instagram? Here’s how you can achieve it: All you’ll need is a piece of plastic. After you’ve let your base color dry, crumple a small sheet of plastic. Paint the plastic, and dab it onto your nails. Finish off with a topcoat and you have marbled nail polish.


nail art

If you want to get a little more creative with your design, you can use tape. You can use it to create different patterns and shapes, depending on how imaginative you get. Try using different nail polish colors to make it look more complex and intricate.


nail art

Another simple way to add fun elements to your manicure is with glitter. Create a gradient look with a base color and some glitter nail polish. The trick is to not use too much polish on the brush. Apply the glitter from the tips to the center of the nail and you have a sparkly gradient look.


Art by Lara Intong

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