August 16, 2017

Living in a Conservative Environment Isn’t Affecting My Fashion Choices


Fashion is a form of expression, the clothes we wear and the outfits we put together convey a certain message to our peers. Whether you’re into basic T-shirts and jeans or outrageous prints, your clothing can speak volumes. What we have planned during the day can also affect what we wear. Maybe you have a uniform for work and then change into a black dress for dinner with friends.

Unfortunately, living in a conservative country can also affect how you dress. Wearing revealing clothes is frowned upon because it’s “inappropriate” and not ladylike. Before heading out, my parents comment on my outfit saying things like “Are you just wearing a bra?” or “Are you wearing something over that?” To an extent, I understand where they’re coming from. We live in a misogynistic world where it’s more important to tell women to cover up than to tell men to be respectful. My parents understand me too (or so I hope) because I still leave the house wearing my bralettes and see through tops.

I have never been fully comfortable with my body but the way I dress helps me feel better. I somehow try to enhance what I have with clothes. I show off just enough to make me feel confident. There are some pieces that look so flattering that you can’t help but own it.

I’m lucky to have never been harassed by anyone because I was wearing something revealing. However, I’ll admit that I do know it’s a possibility. But I will not give anyone the satisfaction of having some sort of control over what I wear or any aspect of my life for that matter. I am not going to second guess my fashion choices on the off chance I might offend someone.

I am not going to let this conservative environment hold me back from dressing the way I want to. Now excuse me while I add this cheeky bikini to my shopping cart.


Art by Lara Intong

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