These Travel Apps Will Help You Find Flights and Secret Destinations

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When planning a vacation, no matter the destination or length of stay, there are many variables to consider. You have to find the right accommodations and book flights that fit within your budget. It gets even more difficult when you start planning for a group. Thank God for technology because there are apps you can download to make this process easier. Below is a list of apps that offer offline maps, a group planner, and more. Download them and start planning your next vacation.


When shopping abroad, you have to be mindful of the prices so you know if what you’re spending on is worth it. This converter gives up-to-date rates so it also helps when you’re exchanging money from one currency to another.

Download: Available on iTunes App Store and Google Play.


Find your way around cities you’ve never been to with these maps. You can save the places that you want to go to and share them with your friends and family. There are also downloadable offline maps that you can get so you don’t have to rely on Wifi or data.

Download: Available on iTunes App Store and Google Play.


Skyscanner gives you the cheapest airfares from more than 1,000 airlines all in one app. This will save you time since you won’t have to check multiple sites. You can also search for accommodations in the country you will be visiting and even hire transportation from the airport.

Download: Available on iTunes App Store and Google Play.


If you’re planning a trip with your family, try using Funliday. You can easily plan your itinerary and share it so that everyone has the details they need. It even allows you to check what transportation works best for your plan whether it’s via a taxi or train.

Download: Available on iTunes App Store and Google Play.


Do you tend to forget things when packing your bags? Packpoint will make sure that you bring everything you need. You can set your destination and activities then it will supply you with a list. You can go through the list and delete what you don’t need and add what you do. Check off each item as you add it to your suitcase.

Download: Available on iTunes App Store and Google Play.


Looking for cheap flights and hotel accommodations? Try downloading Momondo. It will show you options from major airlines as well as budget ones. You can even book the flight you want, directly from your phone. If you’re picking between flights, you can save them and share with your friends and family to help you decide.

Download: Available on iTunes App Store and Google Play.


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