August 11, 2017

How Many Lip Products Are In Kaila Estrada’s Bag?

kaila estrada

What is it about other people’s bags that we are forever curious about them? It’s highly personal but also mundane. Everyone has a bag but no two bags are created the same, or at least, the stuff we pack for our daily activities varies for person to person.

For Kaila Estrada, it’s practical but also reflects the products she splurges on. It’s also in line with her entire personality.

Kaila’s black Longchamp bag is a pamana from her mom Janice De Belen.

Inside, you can tell what her favorite color is.

Aside from random receipts and her phone, Kaila essentially has three things in her bag: a makeup kit which is a pouch from H&M, sunglasses case, and her wallet. Featured here also is a DKNY Fresh Blossom perfume which is one her favorites, and Coloupop’s Ultra Matte Lip in Tulle.

Her shades are from Korean brand Gentle Monster. “One of my favorites. It’s expensive but worth it,” says Kaila. Her trip to Korea inspired her when it comes to fashion. “They do streetwear so well. You would see pieces that you wouldn’t think would work well together.”

Inside her makeup bag, Kaila keeps a selection of lipsticks and a few of her tried-and-true products like a K-Palette eyebrow pen. She also loves lip tints such as Hello Gorgeous Lip Marker and Tony Moly’s Water Lily Tint in Pomegranate.

For color, she reaches for MAC’s Dervish lip liner. “I have two because that’s how much I love it.” She also has MAC in Chili which is a good orange-red. In the liquid lipstick department, she carries Kylie Cosmetics in Candy K. “It’s my favorite aside from Kirsten.”

Why the need for such a collection? “I have so many lipsticks in my pouch because when I’m on the go, I want to change. Also, you forget that it’s there so you keep putting it back,” says Kaila. For essentials, she has Nature’s Plus Optifresh Breath Gels. “I am happy and sad that they are underrated. They will never go out of stock because no one knows about them.” She also claims that she can’t live without her earphones. “If I’m leaving [my house] in BF and I realized I forgot them, even if I am in Sucat I will go back for it.”

On her phone, her only game is Sims Free Play. “When I found out about the app, I was sold. I grew up playing The Sims growing up.” How about one thing in her wallet that’s telling of her personality? “Pinkberry frequency card. It’s my favorite frozen yogurt. I try everything, I can’t stick to one flavor.”

Photos by Andrea Beldua

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