August 10, 2017

Arci Muñoz and Nose Jobs: Why You Shouldn’t Shame Women Who Go Under the Knife

Arci Muñoz is getting a lot of heat for her recent cosmetic surgery. Most reactions are both saddened and confused, saying that getting her nose done again was a waste of her beauty.

This started when photos of Arci from a company party surfaced. Fans quickly pointed out how different she looked. Some went as far as comparing her to Michael Jackson as a joke.

Then again, so what if she did get a nose job? Let’s be real: Arci got cosmetic surgery in the past. But that’s no reason to shame her for it. It shouldn’t be anybody’s business whether a person goes under the knife.

Society already dictates the standard of beauty among women. Breasts are too small, nose looks crooked, skin’s too dark, and the list goes on. There are people who embrace their imperfections, while some decide to enhance their look. When they do the latter, they’re still brought down because they don’t fit the ideal mold. It’s like how people reacted when they found out about Kylie Jenner’s lip fillers.

We have to remember that many people go under the knife because of either medical reasons or they want to bring back confidence in themselves. They don’t do this to impress the people around them.

We get people’s instant shock when someone changes their appearance. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t when I saw one of Arci’s photos. But as long as she’s happy and comfortable with her decision, then why should we judge? Plus, her nose job didn’t change her identity.

If you want to get something modified, go ahead. Just be sure to prepare yourself and know the risks before going through with it. Safety and good health is still top priority. If you’re not into the idea, then don’t do it and keep your harsh comments to yourself.


Art by Lara Intong

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