August 03, 2017

Would You Cop These Luxury Roller Skate Stilettos?

ysl shoes

Unconventional heels are all the rage in fashion. From Vetements’ cigarette lighter heel to Dries Van Noten’s crystal block, luxury brands are constantly trying to push boundaries. Saint Laurent is no exception with their newest shoe that combines a stiletto and roller skates.

The shoes have a three-inch heel with a wheel attached to the bottom and two wheels and a kick-stop brake underneath the platform. The designs seemed to be inspired by the bright lights of a roller skating rink with the use of snakeskin and sequins.

ysl shoes

This is not the first time Saint Laurent has added wheels to their shoes. They first offered boots and sneakers with roller skate wheels in their past collections.

A post shared by SAINT LAURENT (@ysl) on Feb 10, 2017 at 9:53am PST

A pair of these roller skate stilettos cost $2,638.39 so think long and hard before you drop some cash on these. And buy a helmet and some kneepads for extra safety.

[Elle and Teen Vogue]


Photo courtesy of Who What Wear

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