July 27, 2017

Where’s Taylor Swift Been Hiding All this Time?


Spotted: Taylor Swift, post-Kim Kardashian takedown and Tom Hiddleston relationship, in a dark hoodie with Joe Alwyn.


Since the infamous #KimExposedTaylorParty, Taylor has been noticeably invisible to the public eye. Remember the days of her megawatt squads and Keds ads? In fact, Taylor’s lowkey profile even got us to the point that we almost believed that she was being carried out of her apartment in a suitcase.

Those days are gone but not without an MTV nomination with her single with Zayn Malik. Nor is it completely discreet with coffee and gym dates with Joe Alwyn. And as with all superstars, their absence can be quite the strongest publicity. What’s Taylor without the constant struggle with the paparazzi and controversy? W Magazine stresses that this current setup must be taking a toll on T-Swift. “From time to time, they surface to restock their PG Tips, get some steps in, and assure family and friends that everything’s fine, mom. Which sounds more stressful than simply going about their business—isn’t there a middle ground between total seclusion and an ‘I HEART TS’ tank?”

[W Magazine]


Photo courtesy of NPR 

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