June 23, 2017

An Old ‘Wonder Woman’ Script by Joss Whedon Leaked and the Internet Is Losing It

“In Joss We Trust.”

This was once the unofficial mantra for superhero and science fiction fans who looked up to writer-director Joss Whedon. With a résumé glittering of ensemble casts and large spaceships for both TV and film, one that is never overlooked is his creation of feminist icon, Buffy Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Given Joss’ success with the female protagonist, it’s no surprise that he wrote a script for a 2006 attempt to get Wonder Woman on the big screen. It obviously didn’t push through, but the script was made and it was posted to the public. So, how much would a leak of an 11-year-old script—on the 20th anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and in light of his forthcoming projects with DC—affect his Internet persona? A lot.

There were just so many things wrong about the script. The male “feminist” author that we loved and adored penned a non-empowering story of Diana of Themyscira—scratch that, it didn’t even seem to be about the Amazonian. It was more about Steve and how he saved her. It’s the damsel in distress story that Diana was so not about. There were also innuendos of sorts that make it a generally uncomfortable read.

The Twitterverse was not shy in expressing their disappointment in Joss Whedon.

Some users are already raising doubts on the upcoming, Whedon-captained Batgirl.

Joss has not spoken about the issue, which is odd if you notice how vocal he is during interviews. Don’t get me wrong—I highly doubt he’s crying in the corner. He could simply be taking solace in his own side of the story, working really hard on Justice League and Batgirl to answer back, or waiting for the hype to die down. One thing’s for sure, fans are going to be watching his entry to the DC Extended Universe very carefully.


Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

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