June 22, 2017

An Alcoholic Slushie You’ll Have Fun Making This Weekend

There is another way to enjoy wine aside from the usual sangria. Some time last year, people started doing wine slushies, the most popular being “frosé” or frozen rosé. It’s similar to the wine frappuccinos in Starbucks Japan, and adds a freshness to the beverage.

You can make any kind of wine into slush and choose whatever fruits you want to add for additional flavor. It’s like making a smoothie but fancier and has alcohol in it.

You only need a few items to whip this up for your upcoming weekend affair—or even tonight if you feel like it.

Wine Slushie

1 bottle of wine (sweet red, rosé, or any fruit wine)
Fruits (You can use any kind like berries, grapes, or watermelon)
Mint or lemon slices
Sugar (optional)

1. Pour the wine in a blender. You can pour the whole bottle or just half depending on how much you want to serve.
2. Chop the fruits into smaller pieces and put them in the blender. You can also add sugar if you want more sweetness.
3. Blend until they’re well-combined.
4. Pour the mixture in a freezer-safe container and freeze it for up to six hours.
5. Once frozen, break up the mixture or scrape it with a fork to create the slush.
6. Put the wine slushie in a glass and garnish it with mint leaves or lemon slices.
7. Serve and enjoy!


Photo courtesy of Lilliedale

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