June 05, 2017

Why Fitness Coach and Doctor Ian Banzon Says that Carbs Are Good for You

ian banzon

Still at a loss for what to eat for lunch in the office? Sick of having the same bowl of yogurt and granola every day for breakfast? We hear you. In Preen Food Diaries, we take a closer look at the eating habits that keep people fit, healthy, and satisfied, while taking note of the treats they indulge in.

I’m just going to go ahead and say it: Ian Banzon is a real-life wonder woman. The practicing doctor is a Nike + Run Club coach and a tri-athlete. One scroll through her Instagram and you’ll see how she’s often at the gym or in a competition. Her break? Probably showing off her hard work in a bikini while she’s at the beach. A recent achievement? Being named as one of the newest Celeteque #thinkplusbeautiful ambassadors. At that launch, she emphasized that women these days should and could have it all. They don’t have to fall into any stereotype nor follow anyone’s rules other than what makes them fulfilled.

So it’s just natural that we here at Preen.ph wanted to know what fuels Ian. What food gets her going throughout long days and tight schedules? Whether you’re here for new ideas on what to eat later on or to be a little more inspired to make some changes for your lifestyle, we suggest you read on as she tells us her diet approach and takes us through it meal by meal.


A short brief of my diet: In general, I try to consume more protein (as it’s the building block of muscle and a good source of energy as well) in my diet. But the general rule is to keep my food balanced. People do ask a lot about consuming carbohydrates, and I [don’t see the harm in having it], because I know I need it for energy and recovery in the various physical activities that I do. However, I do choose better sources of carbohydrates and as much as possible try to stay away from white rice and white bread. The more processed it is, the less healthier, meaning less better fuel for the body.


I would sometimes have coffee with some fruits or even an omelet. I’m comfortable working out [even] with a little food intake at the start, but I make sure that I am well-hydrated, and that I eat after.


I will have protein, usually beef. Today, I had ground beef mixed with some string beans and baby potatoes. I like preparing my meals because I know exactly what is in it.


I love preparing this salad for snacks, it’s very simple to make. Ingredients are just: lettuce, mangoes, crab sticks and grilled chicken.


Today was grilled bacon wrapped asparagus, grilled chicken, and quinoa. I love eating quinoa and using that as a substitute for rice. If I feel like I’m craving something sweet, I would take a bite of chocolate after dinner.


Photos by Ian Banzon

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