May 18, 2017

Darren Criss All Set to Play Versace’s Filipino Killer


Excitement builds up as we get more glimpses into the production of Versace: American Crime Story. A point of interest is how Darren Criss is playing Andrew Cunanan, the Filipino-American serial killer who shot Gianni Versace on the steps of his house in Miami Beach.

Ryan Murphy, producer of the show, gave a sneak peak of Darren as Andrew. One must note that Andrew was a gigolo who craved for attention and the limelight. Darren is with Andrew Greenfield in this photo, whose role in the show has yet to be revealed.

According to Vanity Fair, Gianni and Andrew had a connection before the murder. “They had come in contact in a San Francisco nightclub, Colossus, in 1990; Versace was in town because he had designed costumes for the San Francisco Opera. That night, October 21, an eyewitness recalls, Cunanan was smugly pleased that Versace seemed to recognize him,” the report said. It also detailed how Andrew “gushed over” meeting the fashion designer and how it was unclear how and when Gianni met him before recognizing him.

Before Gianni’s murder, Andrew had aleady been on a killing spree, landing him in the Most Wanted list of the F.B.I.

Apart from this, we also recently got to see Penelope Cruz donning platinum-blonde locks along with sleek and sexy ensembles as she takes on the role of Donatella Versace.

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Penelope took on the role that everyone thought Lady Gaga was a shoo in for. Producer Ryan Murphy cleared up that Gaga’s schedule was too hectic to take on the five-month project in the first place.

Ryan has also been posting photos of the set from Versace’s bell to his bedroom window.

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Versace's bell

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Versace's bedroom window

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Edgar Ramirez, who will play Gianni Versace, also dropped a few photos from the set which feature the lavish Italian taste of the designer.

Ricky Martin, who will play Gianni’s partner Antonio D’Amico, gives a more candid glimpse of the cast together.

Versace: American Crime Story along with Katrina: American Crime Story are both lined up for 2018, following up the successful debut of the series which re-told the story of the O.J. Simpson murder trial.


Photo courtesy of Darren Criss’ Instagram Account

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