April 13, 2017

Staying In? Let These DIY Videos Keep You Busy and Productive

diy videos for homebodies

Homebodies would know the struggle of finding something productive to do. Especially with the long Holy Week break upon us. If you can’t find anything interesting on our previous list, you can try your hand at DIY crafts.

You may not know it but crafting is great for reducing stress levels. That, and you can create something useful for your home. No need to scroll through Facebook’s several 30-seconders or YouTube’s vast selection to find one that interests you. We made your life easier by rounding up a few videos.

Now grab your art materials and recyclables, even your family members to join you in your project.

#1 Burnt-out light bulbs

Don’t just throw out your old light bulbs. You can easily turn them into quick ornaments by hollowing them out, and pouring beads, glitter, or colored sand in them. There’s also the option of painting various designs on them.

#2 Bath bomb

Why go to the mall to buy a new bath bomb when you can make one? All you need is some baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, sea salt, essential oil, soap, castor oil, and water. You’ll be relaxing in your bathtub in no time.

#3 Leftover bottles

There are several other ways to use your old plastic bottles aside from turning them into a vase. The video above shows that you can craft them into glasses, newspaper holders, a phone holder, and a gift box. Plus side to this is you’re saving the environment as well.

#4 Nifty catch-alls

Homemaker Rachel Talbott shares two catch-all projects in one of her videos. First is a plate adorned with rope for a rustic touch for your tables. The other is a shoe tray made with a rubber container and some large pebbles. Take note of these for your next family dinner.

#5 A unique lamp

The vacation’s too short to make a basic lamp, so go ahead and make a glowing cloud. You might’ve seen this pretty project on Pinterest and thought, “I want to do that but I don’t have time.” Now’s your chance to grab all the cotton you need. The best part is you can make it any size you like—from small to puffy cumulus-like clouds.


Photo courtesy of Rachel Talbott’s website

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