April 10, 2017

Isabelle Daza and Her Instagram Stories: Should She Stop?

If you follow the It Girls on social media, then you’ll know that Isabelle Daza and her husband Adrien Semblat are in Africa for vacation. Sure, we laughed at her funny posts when they were trying to pack their clothes for the trip—even the ones about Adrien’s color palette of choice. But there’s one story that got us uncomfortable and so did other people online.


Isabelle posted a story on Instagram contemplating between buying a hat to add to her OOTDs or to feed the children of Africa for the same price, she even added, “What would Angelina Jolie do?” pertaining to the actress, director, and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. She even decorated her post with emojis.

As mentioned earlier, it did not sit well with a lot of people and they took their reactions to Twitter.

This is not the first time Isabelle received negative feedback for her social media posts. She also got in trouble for posting about a beach trip and tagging it with “#Siquiwhores,” as well as her “Haters Gonna Hate” series with Sen. Bongbong Marcos.

What do you think? Should she stop her Instagram posts where she thinks she shines the brightest or just be more careful? Remember, Isabelle, you are a celebrity, hence, a public person.

Updated on April 11, 10:20 a.m.

Isabelle interrupted her regular Instagram Story program with an apology relating to this incident.



What are your thoughts?



Photo courtesy of Isabelle Daza’s Instagram account

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