March 28, 2017

Alicia Vikander Replaces Angelina Jolie in the New ‘Tomb Raider’ Film

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Alicia Vikander is taking on the role of Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider film. For those who are curious, you can check out the first teaser photos below.

In the photos, you’ll see Alicia fending for herself in a desolate jungle. Her look is also similar to Lara Croft’s appearance in the newest Tomb Raider video game.

“When I was asked to take on this role I got really excited—Lara Croft is a truly iconic character,” Alicia tells Vanity Fair.

She also recognizes Lara as a powerful female persona. “I think people can identify with her for lots of different reasons, but for me I very much see her as a model for many young women. She’s trying to carve out her place in the world and connect her future with her past. She also has a fantastic mix of traits—tough, smart, vulnerable, plus she’s kick ass! She is also uniquely different to other characters I have taken on previously. It’s a lot of fun trying to get into Lara’s head and the challenge of getting to grips with such a physical role is an element of this project that I find an absolute thrill.”

For those who are wondering if Alicia is fit for the role, producer Graham King assures people that she’ll bring “tremendous depth and vulnerability to this character, which is every bit as important as Lara Croft’s fierce strength, determination, and physicality.”

He adds that the movie will take on Lara’s early origins before becoming the icon we know now. “It’s a complex character, requiring a range of elements and Alicia brings all of that together brilliantly in her portrayal.”

Lara Croft has been an iconic video game character since 1996. The first Tomb Raider movie premiered in 2001, which starred Angelina Jolie.

The film is set to premiere on March 2018. Mark your calendars if you’re thrilled to see it.



Photo courtesy by Graham Bartholomew for Warner Bros.

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