March 01, 2017

Set Up Your Home Theater For the Best Movie Party

2017 0301 SPACE

Do you remember watching an episode of MTV Cribs and wanting your own home theater at home? While most of us can’t get a whole cinema into our homes, we have to make do with our living room or bedroom. Of course, we still want to achieve the next best thing.

A home movie space is where you can host stay-in parties with friends and family. You can simply set up your laptop or TV and put on whatever movie you have with you right now. (Or wait for La La Land and Moonlight‘s Blu-Ray copies.) To help you start, we’ve picked out items you can cop to make your personal “theater” comfortable. Blanket fort, optional.


A sectional sofa is a big investment but it’s useful for film viewing and when you just want to relax. For this, you can purchase Pottery Barn’s Townsend Upholstered Square Arm Sofa. Available at Estancia Mall.


Sitting on bean bags adds to the chill vibe of the space. Grab a couple of West Elm’s Dotted Leaf Bean Bag to seat your guests. Available at Estancia Mall.


When it gets chilly, cozy up with this Soft Throw from H&M Home. You can build a blanket fort too. Available at SM Makati.


A couple HAY Dot Cushions are a must if you’re watching multiple films or a long one like Star Wars. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep halfway! Available at Design Story, Uptown BGC Mall.


You’ll need a good sound system if you want the full home theater experience. Connect your laptop to the Samsung Radiant360 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Speaker to get instant surround sound. Available at Glorietta 2.


If you’re having several guests and a laptop screen isn’t going to cut it, then you can project the film on a bare wall. For a lightweight device that’s easy to carry, the PT-LB51EA LCD Projector from Panasonic is for you. Available at Ansons, The Link, Makati City.


Art by Yayie Motos

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