lemonade moscato
We love just about any reason to celebrate. You can tell because for Valentine’s Day, we’ve given you ideas on what to wear and what makeup to try on the day, single or not. What’s left is what to do.
We suggest that you can prepare a simple cocktail that anyone will enjoy. I’m not fond of a lot of cocktail drinks myself but this Lemonade Moscato became my favorite as it tastes sweet and can be easily adjusted to suit your preference and the number of people you’re sharing it with.
You can make this along with dinner, make it for your nightcap, or prepare it by the pitcher if you’ve got friends coming over. The best thing is how the ingredients are easily available to pick up later when you clock out.

Lemonade Moscato

1 bottle pink moscato
1 bottle pink lemonade
1 lemon, sliced into small pieces
Strawberries, sliced
Mint leaves
  1. Place ice in a glass or preferred cocktail container
  2. Pour moscato until your glass is half full
  3. Fill the other half with pink lemonade, you may add more or lessen it, depending on how sweet you want it to be
  4. Add slices of lemon, strawberries, and top it with mint leaves
  5. Toast and say cheers!

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