February 11, 2017

What to Eat at the Best Restaurants in the World?

Every year, the culinary world gets excited for the best restaurants list. We take into account the newcomers which made a statement, the familiar names and whether they maintained their previous position or took it a notch higher. While the reviews come in left and right and the hype makes them part of some people’s tourist itineraries, we wonder: what is the one stand-out dish to get if you were to score a seat in these often fully-booked places?

The assumption that all dishes are good in a restaurant hailed as one of the best is valid. However, we picked out particular items on the menu that are worth the struggle to get a reservation for, that stand out because of the experience, and are photo-worthy.

We present the top-class menus from the best restaurants in the world.

#1 Oops, I Dropped the Lemon Tart at Osteria Francescana, Italy

oops i dropped the lemon tart

The name aptly describes how the dish looks, which reminds us of a piece of abstract art. It’s a lemon tart that seemed to have been hastily put back together on a plate with a broken pattern. The taste, according to The Guardian, is “superb.”

#2 Leche De Tigre at El Celler de Can Roca, Spain

leche de tigre spain

A lesson on how texture plays a big part in making a dish stand out, Leche De Tigre plays on ceviche with a frozen lime disc with a face of a tiger embossed on it. The Telegraph vouches for how “it, like many of the dishes, pushed the boundaries in terms of texture, but – thankfully – was less quirky when it came to flavour, with the sharpness of a classic ceviche.”

#3 Foie Gras at Eleven Madison Park, New York

 foie gras eleven madison park
 You might be raising your eyebrows and wondering what could be so special about the foie gras at the world’s third best restaurant. We have The New York Times to testify that it’s something that you’re missing out on. “Mr. Humm (chef at Eleven Madison Park) is a virtuosic handler of fattened duck liver, so either the hot or cold version is likely to produce altered states of consciousness. He brings out foie gras’s sweet and silky traits by layering it with braised red cabbage and serving it in a chilled wedge that looks like a slice of marbled Bundt cake; its meatier and robust qualities come through in a seared slice under fried brussels sprout leaves and smoked eel.”

#4 Lines of Scallops at Central, Peru

 central peru

An appetizer served with Peru’s favorite cocktail, the pisco sour, Lines of Scallops are fresh from the bay served with a variety of Peru’s favorite ingredients. They are “dappled with a sunny sauce of lime juice and pureed cocona (a citrus billed as the Amazon tomato) and moves upward with thin stripes. One line is whipped scallop roe, another is minced yellow chilies and cocona, a third finds a pink rope of scallop tartare, a fourth band is red with raw tuna. Little blocks of glazed sweet potatoes stand off to the side,” according to The Washington Post.

#5  Oyster with tapioca, shallot cream and pear at Mirazur, France

mirazur oyster

The dish looks like a vignette with purple flowers surrounding the fresh oyster. The World’s 50 Best calls the dish a modern classic as the tapioca pearls complement the softness of the oyster and the pear elevates the fresh, clean taste of the dish.

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